Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. (RINL) - VSP, popularly known as 'Vizag Steel', is a leading central PSU under the Ministry of Steel. It is well known for its quality and customer service and has been supplying various grades of steel for construction of projects of national importance including Metros, Power Sector, Bridges and several others. Its products are made from 100% virgin steel, maintaining stringent tolerances both in chemistry and physical properties.

Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited the corporate entity of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, is a Navaratna PSE under the Ministry of Steel.

RINL-VSP is the first integrated Steel Plant to be certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. It is also the first PSE to be certified for ISO 50001 - Energy Management Systems and CMMI Level 3 Certification for Software Development.

RINL is wholly owned by the Government of India. In November 2010, the company was granted the Navratna status by the Government of India

Product Range

Vizag (RINL) FE-500D Rebars are available in the size range of 8MM to 40MM.

Vizag (RINL) FE-500D Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRS) is available in size range of 8MM to 40MM .

It is best suitable for coastal areas and also all other regions

Advantages of Vizag (RINL) TMT (FE500D) Rebars

Combination of high strength and high ductility

VIZAG TMT bars have rare combination of high strength with excellent ductility. The tensile to yield strength ratios are always greater than 1.12. In normal bars, the increase in the yield strength of the bars is accompanied by the loss of percent elongation. But in the case of VIZAG TMT bars this loss is negligible and the percent elongation values are much higher than normally specified in various International Standards. In Fe 500D grade rebars the UTS/YS ratio values are maintained always at more than 1.15.

Resistance to ageing

The tests carried out on the VIZAG TMT bars, indicate that no significant change of strength as a function of time occurs which could affect the usefulness of these bars.

Superior corrosion resistance

The absence of Eutectoid Carbides and pearlite colonies in VIZAG TMT , absence of stresses because of tempering, presence of martensitic layer at the outside surface and formation of adherent scale film due to water quenching during rolling are the reasons for better corrosion resistance properties of these reinforcement bars.

Excellent bendability and workability

The tough outer skin and the ductile core of the VIZAG TMT bars result in excellent bendability. This coupled with a high resistance to low temperature brittle fracture, allows these bars to be bent, without fear of failure around small diameter mandrels.

In the reverse bend test, these bars also show good results. In the construction site, situation arises where bars bent are left for a period in the bent condition and then reverse bent. During period between the first bend and the reverse bend the bars may strain age. The loss of ductility due to strain ageing and due to strain imposed from the first bend may cause failure during rebending operations, if the bars are not sufficiently ductile. Test results have shown that VIZAG TMT bars have withstood successfully the bending, straightening and rebending tests after ageing. The bend tests carried out at VSP have shown that these bars could be bent even around smallest dia mandrel without causing any cracking.

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