Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL) is India's largest steel producing company. The company is among the seven Maharatnas of the country's Central Public Sector Enterprises. SAIL has five integrated steel plants, three special plants, and one subsidiary in different parts of the country. For over five decades, SAIL Steel has been synonymous with the nation's development-providing the steel framework of vital as well as basic infrastructure facilities across the length and breadth of India. The nation's leading steel maker continues to meet the growing demand for steel from every sector contributing to the growth of India's economy including infrastructure, railways, power, transportation, defence, etc. With an unmatched range of mild steel, both in long and flat categories, coupled with quality-testing at every stage of production, SAIL Steel remains the preferred choice for steel that strengthen the nation.

Product Range

SAIL FE500D & CRS FE500D Rebars are available in the size range of 8MM to 40MM.

SAIL FE500D & CRS FE500D Corrosion Resistant Steel (CRS) is available in size range of 8MM to 40MM .

It is best suitable for coastal areas and also all other regions

Features of SAIL TMT FE500D & CRS FE500D rebars


SAIL TMT FE500D & CRS FE500D rebars are perfectly weldable by normal process of welding with suitable electrodes. They are also weldable without preheating preferably with low hydrogen electrode. The weldability of SAIL TMT FE500D & CRS FE500Drebars has been tested and certified by the Welding Research Institute, Trichy.

Bond Strength

The bond strength of all SAIL TMT FE500D & CRS FE500D rebars has been tested at the National test House,Alipur,Kolkata, and meets IS 1786-2008 norms.


ALL SAIL TMT FE500D & CRS FE500D rebars have lower bend diameter compared to specified bend diameters as per IS 1786-2008, Grade D specification. This allows eaiser bending with less effort and thus facilitates easier onsite workability.

Fire Resistant

All SAIL TMT FE500D & CRS FE500D rebars have been tested and are able to withstand fire hazards when enclosed in concrete up to 600 C for temperature. It looses only 2/3% of its mechanical properties at room temperature, where as ordinary TMT starts loosing its mehanical properties from 250 C

Corrosion Resistance

SAIL TMT FE500D & CRS FE500D is also available in corrosion resistant variety with modified chemical compositions to give enhanced resistance to earthquake and corrosive atmospheric conditions.

Product Characteristics of SAIL TMT FE500D & CRS FE500D Rebars


High UTS/YS ratio

High total elongation

High uniform elongation

Low variation in YS

Higher strength (YS & UTS)

Composite microstructure of martensite rim & ferrite-pearlite core Good weldability


Provides good plastic energy absorption Higher resistance to failure

  • Enhances plastic energy absorption capacity
  • Delays failure i.e. onset of necking Avoids localised shear failure
  • Lower dead load
  • Higher energy absorption capacity with elastic zone Fire resistance due to of tempered martensitic rim
  • Enhances cold and hot cracking resistance
  • Pre-welded meshes can be used to eliminate manual binding at site